Are you interested in learning bodywork that utilizes your quiet intuition and authentic presence?

Are you willing to let go of directing the story?   

Can you set aside your own scripts and judgements?

Are you willing to empty the mind to embrace not knowing?

Will you let spirit move you in loving connection with other?

In this training we are inviting you to delve into your own quiet, still presence attuning to the other’s experience that allows us to follow as opposed to lead “the work.” You will learn to become an active listener, giving space to let spirit come forward without you trying to direct.  Learn the pleasure of being present while following and remove the pressure to invest in a particular outcome.  Often bodywork training has a quality of we are the ones with the answer to a clients problem, stuck-ness or predicament and that we know what to do to quote….. cure them.

We can open ourselves freely to the “I don’t know “ as body workers  and see what might occur in the unlimited possibilities.

We can be authentically present as body workers with another and see this presence as of more importance than what we do with them.

Gillian and John invite you to experience the width of your own potential in this experience of opening to all that is possible between body worker and receiver.

Expressing Uniquely Our Yes to Life
Love is who we are.

John Fleury and Gillian Enright present "Loving Life" for two reasons, it beats the alternative and it’s much, much, much more fun.

Early in life many of us are taught to take our cues from the outside world to determine how we should behave and fit in, to be loved and for some get to heaven. Although sometimes given in good faith and even good intentions some of these societal views tell us we are not okay as we are and not yet deserving of the life we dream about let alone the one we’ve got. Often the collective agreement in many societies is... If we let people be free there is no telling what might happen so we all need to play by the same rules and you are either with us or against us. We must all conform and compromise and we all need to work harder and change in order to love and be loved. We are just not quite good enough yet.

Is this really what we have come here for, to conform and compromise? Is this truly what love would have us do? Try these statements on. I love to conform. I love to compromise. What if we actually cued the outside world from within ourselves about what brings us joy and we be that and go for that and see what life shows up like?

So, we say "When it comes to love, go first. Going first is easy or at least made easier when we believe we belong, we are love and there is nowhere that heaven is not. Sometimes we’ve got to fake it till we make it. If that gets us moving towards what we want most then that is a totally loving, respectful and useful way to start. When we do this we actually cue the old, outside world to “back off a little” or when necessary “f**k right off” while we try something new. Of course there is always the option to say

"I'm going this way. Do you want to come along for awhile?"

In this workshop each member of the group will be encouraged to look for themselves for the evidence of love in their lives, including those moments where it appears that love has abandoned them. We will investigate the teachings and stories we were given in our early lives. We will look at what maps we now navigate with that sometimes are useful and sometimes actually keep us from loving our lives. We will deepen our inquiry with such questions as: How do we each experience love? How do each of us struggle? Are we at ease with our expressions of love? Are we willing to consider that there are as many expressions of loving as there are unique beings? Are we willing to love our lives

now? Can we learn again to have faith in the simple, graceful mechanism we are all blessed with. The mechanism that responds in joy and expansion honoring our “Yes, right on” and in another way to honor our" No, not so much.Thank you anyway.”

Our human experience of loving is often paradoxical and holds polarities of kindness and cruelty, honesty and deception, acceptance and rejection, harmony and discord to name a few. Learning to embrace these opposites expands our ability to love ourselves and each other in this truly mysterious life.

Embracing life as the flow of energy/loving ever moving towards higher and higher unity and unity-consciousness leaves us prone to compassion ,more accepting of the truth and fresh to, What would love do now?

These gatherings require a willingness to look again with a beginners mind.

Truth, freedom and love are right here, right now and so are we. It’s never not about love.

We will use readings, videos, silence, music, mediation (guided and unguided), movement, breath, and anything else that arises in the moment to support the group in all aspects of this very personal inquiry and incredible journey.

These workshops are offered in different communities and sometimes they are hosted and organized by people in their own homes. If you have interest in doing this contact us and we will send you more information or talk by phone. Previous hosts/hostess’s are available to share their experience.

We are pretty low maintenance.

Love Gillian and John

Loving Life

Still Bodywork

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When we change the way we see the world the world we see changes.

Am I Really After Awareness?

This workshop is an inquiry into the nature of thought and belief in a conscious asking of “What is true? Is what they told me true?” Born, in some other place, to some other parents or in another time I would not necessarily believe what I currently hold to be true about all manner of things from sex to god to money to food to me to you to us.

We will take an in depth look at how our thoughts and beliefs can get in the way of our being more alive and loving. We will look for the truth of ourselves and of reality sometimes by finding first what is not true about one or the other and sometimes of neither one.

 In an atmosphere of curiosity and acceptance we will explore our individual and cultural conditioning of the mind and the influence this conditioning has in forming our beliefs about ourselves and the world. It is in our attachment to these beliefs that we create, begin to believe in and then live by our stories. Believing that our stories are true can limit curiosity, foster fear and have us thinking our way through life instead of experiencing the all of this life as it is. We believe we can shift when we learn to accept life as it is and let go into not knowing. “The time to make our minds up about people is never”.  This includes us. Who are we if not, just, the stories we tell about ourselves and each other?

Mind in Service of Soul

What better way to take “the road less travelled” than with a mind in alignment with the true nature of our being- compassionate, abundant, inquisitive, loving, able, willing, expansive, creative and so on. When our mind is not in service of our soul it will continue with and play out its own deceptions and try to keep us asleep because it believes if we really wake up it might get fired altogether and the mind needs a job. The mind sometimes believes or pretends to believe it knows where we are trying to and should try to get to. Joseph Campbell said “If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.” Let the mind know it is so appreciated for so much of what it does and be clear who it is that is driving the bus and that “that one” doesn’t need to know where it is going and actually enjoys the not knowing.

This program investigates topics such as....

Thoughts......Am I this thought? Is that thought made true by my believing?

Mind.....terrorist or friend? War stories/love stories

Transparency- What would that bring?

Growth… spirit moving perfectly toward higher and higher unity... the evolution of love

Striving…is there really a future we can think and get ourselves to?

Freedom..... We are that already.

Truth...Do we want it more than anything else.

Truths... the temporary truths including our thoughts and feelings and the eternal/unchanging truths...

Points of view/ Viewing points.... Have you noticed how attached the mind/ego is to its point of view no matter how crazy and even in the face of all evidence contrary to that point of view. For example and taken to the extreme “Nobody loves me.”  “Really, nobody”  “Everybody loves me.”  “ Everybody, really. “   “God is on our side.” “Really, God has sides?” Which one of the family is right when we all see and experience the same events differently?  “Me, of course.”  ”Really?”

When our lives are limited to our ego strategies for trying to get life as it wants it or life as it thinks it should be well we all know what that is like, at war within ourselves and at war with the world. The war is over if we would but believe it.

 Are you ready?  Did you feel that?

That yes! That yes to your life, that yes to the truth and that yes to freedom.

That yes to the freshness of the beginners mind.

 “We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.”

-Marcel Proust

Transforming Beliefs