John doesn’t really want to describe himself in this kind of format for a number of reasons that are unimportant to list here, “just stories“   he says. When John told Gillian that he would prefer not to put in a little biography Gillian said “but I like mine.... I really like it.”
So, apparently, John is the kind of man who has resistance to describing himself and will do it at least once so Gillian can keep her bio in because John wants you to know that Gillian likes her bio and he hopes that you do too.
Having let go of his resistance, in the spirit of.... ”we can both get what we want”, John finds out that he likes his bio too. Laughing, John says “really like it”
Gillian laughs when John shares his Bio. “Why not” she says” that is what is true.”
She adds “and we can always change it.”
 “You’re funny” she says waiting the appropriate interval before adding “Sometimes” 
 ”Yes, I know, only sometimes and even then only to some”. says  John

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John Fleury

Gillian Enright.

“What is the question? As a child Gillian starting asking questions and has never stopped. Why do we hurt? Do we love each other?   Why are we here?” Fascinated as much in the questions as the answers she began a lifelong quest of exploring other questions as well.  She has a deep interest in understanding what is going on inside herself and inside the world of others.  Seeing the assumptions, beliefs and rules people and society create for themselves,  Gillian began to recognize the price that she and others pay for conforming without question to some of these rules and beliefs. For her, personal freedom comes not from conforming  but  rather in turning towards her  inner light and into the un-folding  unknown.   She applies the same heart-felt questioning she lives her life by in her work with people as she invites others to explore their own questions and open to their own unique enlightenment, growth and loving. 

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